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I've been writing X-Men fic for a few years now and I've wanted to share my work with others who've done much better with the characters I love. I'm here to share and learn a little more about the universe they play in, I just hope you like what I've done with them, Jo.
Series by Joanne
Logan gets a wake up call, sexuality is something that has to be discovered and who better to show you than Logan?

Open: Closed
Categories: AU
Number of Stories: 3
Characters: Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine
Genres: PWP
Warnings: None

This story arc covers the relationship between Logan and Rogue, what happened after Alkali Lake and everything Logan was still running from. Gaining love for the first time, finding a woman in a girl, the ups and downs of real life and having to deal withe the animal he hides just under his skin all the time.

Open: Closed
Categories: X2
Number of Stories: 6
Characters: Ensemble
Genres: Adult
Warnings: None