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Logan goes looking for someone in Montana. When his truck breaks down he's forced to accept help from someone he's never met but wouldn't mind getting to know better
Categories: X1, X2, X3, AU
Characters: OC, Wolverine
Genres: Action/Adventure, Adult, Drama, General, Humor, Shipper
Warnings: None
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Chapters: 4
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Complete?: No - Published: 08/06/2010 - Last Updated: 08/16/2010
Story Notes:
Hey ya'll. I'm at it again. This time it's a Wolverine/OC story. I grew up in Montana so I figured I'd use it as the back drop for this story. Set after X3 but since we all know how I feel about them killing off Xavier, Jean and Scott they're still alive and kicking and Rogue didn't take the cure because really, she's stronger than that. Rated for future content.

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